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Hot Tar & Chip
(Alternative to Blacktop)

The Country Look

Private Roads • Farm Lanes • Driveways

Available in decorative stone colors

So what exactly is a tar & chip driveway?

It is a combination of asphalt and stone. A gravel base is installed. Then, hot liquid asphalt is applied on top of the gravel. The asphalt adheres to the gravel base. Loose stone is then put down over the hot tar, so that it becomes embedded in the asphalt. The stones are then firmly rolled into the tar.

Advantages of tar and chip over blacktop (asphalt):

* Maintenance. Asphalt requires periodic sealing and repairs; tar and chip is relatively maintenance free–no sealing, and fewer repairs. There are no visible cracks.
* Traction. In wet or snowy weather, the rough surface provides extra grip to foot or tire.